Good Habits


We do certain actions repeatedly and then that leads to habit formation. Once a habit is formed we do it without fail. Some habits are good and few others are bad. Cultivating good habits have many advantages. Let us discuss few such habits which can make our life easy and better.

1.   Healthy Eating – Eating healthy foods not only fills the body with nutrients but also the mind with good thoughts. Healthy does not mean eating less or only a particular type of food but the right food in the right amount. Mother Nature has given abundantly to nourish ourselves. Don’t get attracted by expensive and fancy food items available in the market. Fruits and vegetables are good choices for a healthy life. Always prefer simple homemade food as it is a balanced diet and gives satisfaction both to the body and soul. What we have been eating traditionally for years together satiates our hunger and fulfills body’s requirement of different vitamins and minerals. So have good choices of food .It will take you forward on the right path. On the other hand avoid junk and packed food because this will surely make you weak internally and you will fall sick. It is rightly said that health is the real wealth.

2.      Reading—Reading is beneficial as it is informative as well as entertaining. It includes myriad sources such as books of different genres, magazines, newspaper, etc. Good reading is like a tonic for the brain. It keeps the individual engaged so that the mind continues with the processing of the information. When we read great legends, authors, scientists and their life stories we are motivated to live the same way. Moreover reading gives direction to our thoughts. Some writings get so deeply penetrated in our hearts that it proves to be the turning point of life and thereafter life seems to get a meaning. Interestingly every language does the same miracle on human mind with different script for different geographical region. “Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary”— Jim Rohn. Reading books gives us an insight of others’ ideas and feelings. In a way it makes our understanding of the world more perceptive.

3.   Regular Exercise— Daily workout naturally keeps you fit and enhances your routine performances. Exercise not only disciplines your body, it changes your attitude too. There are different ways to keep you strong and sound. Firstly, an early morning walk is just as an energy drink for the whole day’s chores. Talking a morning walk boosts your stamina, strengthens your bones, manages your weight and reduces the risk for diseases. Next yoga and other exercise helps in metabolism, reduce stress, improve balance and relax you. Doing regular exercise transforms your body image and leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated. The most important advantage is it increases the immune system to fight with the diseases.  

4.      Spend Less Save More—The very first thing is to spend money wisely. Spend only on those things which are inevitable. Plan your budget for the month and try to avoid things which cost more. Munger has said that the habit of saving is itself an education. When we save money we cultivate the sense of order and fore think about subsequent needs. Control your impulses and save more. According to Warren Buffet we should not save what is left after spending but spend what is left after saving. A small leak is responsible for sinking a great ship. In the same way little expenses can lead to big worries. It is noticeable that those who save more smile more. Saving provides financial security for life’s uncertainties and gives peace of mind. The saved money can be further used for higher yielding investments. After a span of time the capital increases multiple times and thus stabilizes the economic growth of the individual.

5.   Personal and Public Hygiene—Hygiene is defined as the rules of keeping yourself and things around you clean in order to prevent diseases. Maintaining hygiene practices contributes to overall health and wellness. Personal hygiene includes washing hands with soap after going to toilet, bathing every day, covering your mouth while coughing and sneezing, menstrual hygiene, nail and hair hygiene and foot hygiene. Those who follow personal hygiene strictly have positive impact on their confidence and inter-personal relationships. Public hygiene is equally as important as personal hygiene. These practices include keeping public places such as bus stand, railway station, parks and beaches clean. Secondly proper use of public toilets and pouring water after using them. These may seem very common practices but are very vital as far as personal and societal growth is concerned.

6.   Proper Clothing—Clothing is one of the important basic needs of human life. Right choice of clothes according to one’s shape and size of body is very crucial point to be remembered. Clothes should not be shabby or too fit .They need to be comfortable and according to the decency code of the society we dwell in. In the name of fashion you should not wear anything just because someone else is dressed up in that attire. Use your sense and dress accordingly. Another point is too expensive clothes don’t make your personality, they just add to it. So always be aware of getting swayed by baseless temptations. Find your own clothing style and don’t get trapped in a vicious cycle.

7.  Praying—One should always spend some time for praying. It allows a person to concentrate and realize the supremacy of the almighty. Praying assures one’s strength to tackle critical situations. It gives delight to the soul and even boosts the confidence level of the person. Praying everyday increases faith and belief in oneself. It should not be considered as a compulsion but rather a practice to unfold the miracles of this universe day by day. Though people pray according to their religion the ultimate goal of experiencing happiness remains the same.

8.      Be Altruistic— Neurobiologists have found that when a person behaves altruistically, the pleasure centers of their brain become more active. Experiments have shown that altruism is always pleasurable. Altruism is characterized by selflessness and concern for the well-being of others. It is therefore opposed by egoism. Helping others improves social interaction and distracts people from their own problems. Moreover it helps to develop and increase our self-confidence as we feel capable of doing something for others and it feels good. An act of kindness enhances positivity and contributes in building harmonious ambience.

9. TO-DO List – Time marches forward. If the available time is not utilized for constructive work, it is more similar as wastage of money rather irreparable and irreversible loss than that. So planning is must. Planning the work the previous night saves the day which is generally lost in thinking what to do and when to do. Always do paper work before accomplishing it actually. Alexander Graham Bell has said that before anything else, preparation is the key to success. Therefore, plan your work today and every day and then only execute it. The results will be marvelous.

10. Observe & Think— Moving around in society we see many things, person and places. But in many areas of life only seeing is not enough. We need to observe certain things very carefully. Observation stimulates thinking. Thinking gives you a deeper insight into other people’s mind and behavior. It happens that sometimes thinking may change one’s perspective about a person or a situation. When we think we organize our thoughts and reflect the same.