Welcome to ‘THE LIFE AND EVERYTHING – a blog that is dedicated to helping people learn about life skills.

 My name is Dr. Pranjali Chimurkar, Ph.D (Eng). A tiny spark when nourished with encouragement and appreciation at childhood provoked me to give shape to my small seeds of feelings and initial thoughts into words. Growing up, I developed a fondness for language and literature. It stirred my interest and I started collecting poetries, good pieces of writing in English, Hindi and my mother tongue as well. Then I pursued my higher studies in humanities. Being in the field helped open my mind to the myriad authors, their life works and widened my scope of understanding different people in past and present.

My curiosity stimulated me to express my ideas and perspectives and communicate with the outside world .Afterwards I proceeded to complete Ph.D in English Literature. Presently I am here with you to share my experiences and discuss skills that will revitalize your life.

My personality is a reflection of my father’s robust character and my mother’s compassion and patience. Born and raised in Indian society has given me ample opportunities to perceive different cultures and understand different people and human life as a whole. I am fortunate to have worked in educational institutions which have given me great insight in the comprehensive understanding of students’ life, challenges and their approach towards life.

Till now the journey has been interesting and will become more interesting by building bridges between you and me.