Problems are an inevitable part of human life. Some are smaller which we solve on daily basis and others are bigger which need considerable time to handle. Life is normal with problems. They are a part of it.  So don’t think that you are the only one to be challenged. Everybody gets caught in a tight spot. Some people know well how to approach it in a better way.

There’s an interesting fact about an eagle. All birds find shelter during rain. But the eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds. When a storm gathers and it is about to rain, the eagle flies to some high spot and waits for strong winds to blow. It sets its wings in such a way that it is lifted up by the wind above the storm. While it is intensely rainy and windy down, the eagle soars above it. Everyone faces the same problem yet the attitude to tackle it differs. There is a process that is followed whenever trouble occurs. Only the thing is that some follow it knowingly while others unknowingly. Let us know the steps to solve a problem.

  • Recognize and pinpoint the problem
  • Discuss different aspects of the problem
  • Take suggestions from those who have faced the same problem before
  • Find your own solutions  to the problem
  • Don’t run away if one solution doesn’t work, find another one
  • Be confident.  If there is a problem, there is always a solution

   The first thing to do is to identify the main problem. The main problem may lead to many consequences which can be mistaken as problems and the solutions are found for these. However, the main cause of your worry is altogether different. So it is very essential to pin point your problem before heading for the solutions. On the other hand if you try to find the solution of the immediate effects of the problem; you are not going to solve it rather it is possible that you will get more entangled. The crucial point to be noted is that to find the perfect solution you have to recognize the problem perfectly.

There are different aspects to a problem because of which the one suffering with the problem may get blurred vision about what has to be done. Discussing those aspects with your close family members and friends will give you a clear vision of the problem as well as the approach. Everybody has different views regarding an issue which enhances your understanding of the problem. Moreover it brings about new ideas as to how to solve a problem. Sharing thoughts with others gives a kind of clarity with reference to the specific problem. This does not mean that make your problem a public talk. Avoid doing that. Express your grief to only those who know you well and wish good for you. Speaking to your close ones will definitely help you.

All lead life in their own way. In the process of living life, all of us face different problems and sooner or later they get solved too. Those who have already solved a specific problem get to know the probable solutions to it. Taking advice from such people will give you certain clues regarding the solutions and how to approach the problem. Suggestions direct you if not about the solutions, certainly about the nature of the problem. When you know that someone has already tackled similar troubles you become hopeful. The person with whom you converse may be an elder with many life experiences or younger than you. That does not matter because it is ultimately the ability to handle things efficiently.

It is said that most of the problems in life are because of two reasons: we act without thinking or we keep thinking without acting. You need to keep in mind that the intensity and severity of your problem you know better than anybody else in the world. You are well aware of your potential too. Measure them properly and then act on the available options. Problems bring twists and turn in life. But proper thinking and actions will help you out. Ultimately you have to find solutions to your problems. Some people who are very close to you may walk with you but nobody can walk for you. Guidance will help you but the decisions you have to take to tackle the situation.

Life always takes tests. However, it is not to destroy human beings but to build them stronger. When you are struggling to solve your problem there is a probability that the solution you have discovered may not work. Generally, in such a situation, people tend to panic and run away from the problem. But the fact is running away from the problem won’t fetch you peace of mind. It will make you more frustrated and confused. Sit calmly for a few minutes and think again. Going away doesn’t ensure proper solutions. To go to the other side of the river simply sitting on the bank is not enough, you need to swim across the river. So prepare yourself for tougher circumstances. If you can’t solve the problem once, don’t stop, try a second time. All Great Changes Are Preceded By Chaos.

Don’t allow worries to overshadow your ability to think rationally. If there is a problem, there is always a solution. Every lock has a key. They co-exist for a purpose. So have confidence that you are going to come out of all the troubles and move forward. A self-confidence is a powerful tool that increases the chances of hitting the solutions correctly at the target. Confidence takes care of your mental fitness. Brian Tracy says, “Anything that you think about long enough and hard enough eventually becomes a part of your mental processes, exerting its influence and power on your attitude and your behavior”. So be confident and solve your problems. Grow through what you go through.

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